Expert Lecture Series


Expert Lecture series for the academic year 2018-19

Sl. No
Theme of the Lecture
Resource Person
1. Fire and Safety 07.09.2018 Sri. Mohd. Zulfikhar Nawas (District Fire Officer, Mangalore)
2. Contribution of Women in promoting social Entrepreneurship 06.03.2019 Dr. Devi Prabha Alva (Associate professor of commerce, St. Agnes College,(Autonomous), Mangalore)
3. Blue Ocean Strategy – A Learning prospectus 15.03.2019 Dr. Sudhir Raj K (Professor and Corporate Trainer, Justice K. S. Hegde Institute of Management, NMAMIT, Nitte)
4. Voting Awareness Programme 03.04.2019 Mr. Prakash D’souza (State level voting awareness trainer and Deputy director of youth and sports department, Mangalore)
5. Awareness Programme on Tabacco, Hypertension and Present Lift Style 04.04.2019 Dr. Sushma Adappa, (Dist. Programme Co-ordinator, NPCDCS, Mangalore)
Dr. Preetha C Shekhar (Dist. Consultant, NTCP, Mangalore)
Mr. Anuragh Suvarna(Dist. Finance and Logistics Consultant, NPCDCS, Mangalore

Expert Lecture series for the academic year 2017-18

Sl. No
Theme of the Lecture
Resource Person
1. Special Seminar on GST 17.08.2017 Three Faculty Members and Six students presented their papers 01
2. Inauguration of ED Club and Expert Lecture on “Entrepreneurship Development” 18.08.2017 Dr. Bharath, AGM, BIRD, Mangalore
3. Inauguration of SAP & GST Classes, Expert Lecture on GST 08.09.2017 C.A. Nandagopal Sheony, Mangalore 03
4. Expert Lecture on Banking and Insurance 15.11.2017 Prof. K.G. Ramesh, Sahyadri Engineering College, Mangalore. 04
5. Expert Lecture on “Breaking the mental block” 16.11.2017 Sri. Ramachandra Mijar, Associate Vice President, Udayavani, Mangalore 05
6. Expert Lecture on GST in association with IIMM 24.11.2017 Mr. Raghushankar, President, Chamber of Commerce, Chennai.
7. “Women under the Protection of Law” 07.02.2018 Mr. K. Nikesh Shetty, Advocate and Member, Women and Child Welfare Committee, Govt. of Karnataka.
8. “Career Opportunity in the Overseas” 21.02.2018 Mrs. Sunitha Jha, Branch Manager, IDP Education Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore. 08
9. Open Seminar sessions on “Cancer Awareness among the Public” 07.03.2018 Nine students presented their papers on the theme
10. Inauguration of World Women’s day & Expert Lecture on the theme “Health Safety of Women: Issues and Concerns” 08.03.2018 Dr. Rathi Devi, Gynecologist, KMC, Mangalore. 10
11. “Role of MBA students in the Development of New Technology” 09.03.2018 Mr. Vivek Kamath, Director, V Reach Coaching Academy, Udupi 11
12. “Positive Attitude and Stress Management” 14.03.2018 Dr. Ashima, Father Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore 12
13. “Awareness Programme on Tobacco Hypertension and present life style” 04.04.2018 Dr. Preetha C. Shekar, Mr. Anurag Suvarna, Dr. Sushma Adappa, sveep-2018
14. “SVEEP 2018” 18.04.2018 Dr. Padmanabha Bhat, HOD of Political Science, St. Mary’s College, Shirva sveep-2018