A meeting was conducted on Saturday 18th February, 2017 at the Institute to discuss the items of the agenda given. Members Present:
1 Mrs. Ashritha P. Shetty
2 Dr. T. Jayaprakash Rao
3 Dr. Narasimha Murthy
4 Dr. Anuradha K.
5 Dr. Ummappa Poojary
6 Dr. Ganesh Rao (PTA President)
7 Dr. Vijaya Kumar
8 Mr. Deepak Rao
9 Dr. Govinda Bhat
10 Prof. K. Deepak Rao
11 Prof. Rashmitha R. Kotian
12 Mr. Vaishak
13 Ms. Kavitha J.
14 Ms. Abhinaya Kamath
  Proceedings and Resolution
1 The resolution passed in the previous meeting held on 21st November, 2016 was presented by IQAC Coordinator.
  Resolved to approve the resolutions with unanimous decision to give thrust on the current issues and developments in the economy while conducting all curricular and Co-curricular activities of the term – 4/2 semester.
2 The members appreciated the efforts of the institute in conducting Institution funded social surveys and suggested to have the same on the issues such as demonetization, cashless economy and other environmental issues. Resolved to conduct at least two social surveys (maximum 4 on the social centric issues discussed).
3 Various subjects / topics including the issues national importance, young India, Environmental related matters etc. were discussed at length likewise the members to suggested to conduct the national conference during the rivisional holidays of under graduate colleges to ensure the maximum participation from UG colleges.
Resolved to conduct the national conference on the themes Skill India and Make in India and resolved to conduct in the second week of April.
4 The members also felt the need of conducting a workshop for the benefit of Non-teaching staff to update them particularly regard to computer literary, use of tally and public relations.
Resolved to conduct one day workshop for all the non-teaching staff of Institutions functioning under LMET excluding health and engineering sections, at the earliest.
5 The members suggested to conduct at least one awareness programme for the benefit of general public on the matter of their concern/interest.
Resolved to conduct a workshop for general public on terrace gardening and also resolved to distributes pamphlets in the local area.
6 The members appreciated the efforts of Institution in bringing out research journal for the last 6 years and also suggested to index the same.
Resolved to request online journal portals – J-gate & ProQuest for indexing of Research Journal – Anveshana.
7 Any other matter.
a.         Resolved to congratulate the students for their achievements in management fest and also resolved to provide one show case at the entrance to keep the trophies. b.  It is also resolved to establish a unit of vermin culture to ensure effective waste  management at the Institute and the hostel.
    Action taken report for IQAC meeting held on 18.02.2017
Sl. No. Resolutions Action Taken
1. To provide thrust on the current issues and development of the economy while conducting curricular and co-curricular activities of the term. All curricular and co-curricular activities such as workshop, expert lecturers, conferences, surveys etc. were based on much spoken skill development, demonetization each less economy, environmental concerns.
2. To conduct social surveys on social centric issues 4 surveys were conducted under the institutional funding such as smart city, demonetization, cashless economy and communication/development.
3. To conduct National conference on the theme Skill India & Make in India National conference was on April 12th & 13th, 2017 on the theme Skill India to leverage Make in Issues and Challenges.
4. To conduct one day workshop for the non teaching staff on computer literary and public relations at the earliest. A one day workshop was conducted for the non teaching staff for the Institution functioning under the Trust excluding medical and engineering. About 50 employees participated in the workshop on the theme. 1.      Prof. Dr. Ganesh Bhat was resource person.
5. To conduct workshop for the benefit of the general public A workshop was conducted on the theme terrace gardening and Sri Prakash Nadahalli and Saroja were resource person about 60 people participated in the said programme from the locality.
6. To put efforts to index our bi annual research Journal Our Institution bi annual research journal Anveshana was indexed in two online journal index portal J-gate & Proquest.
7. To encourage students to participate more and more in management fests. Our students represented the Institute in our 16 national level management fest conducted by PG & Engineering colleges and won prizes in 10 such participates. Accordingly a show case was built at entrance to exhibit the winning trophies.
8. To follow Swach Bharat Abhiyaan in spirit resolved to establish vermi culture unit at Institute campus. At conspicuous place within the campus a vermin culture unit was established at a cost of Rs. 1,50,000/- and production of manure is in progress.