floral-line The A.J. Institute of Management (AJIM) was established to train the world class managers in the globally competitive market. AJIM, with its quest for excellence in management training and research, imparts all the required skills and competencies to its trainees, for managing the complex business organizations of today. However, mere managerial competence without discretion is dangerous if not futile. Hence, I strongly believe that managers not only require high competencies but also positive and pro-active attitudes as well as intense concern for all their stakeholders. Hence, AJIM equips all its trainees not only with the sophisticated managerial skills & competencies but also right attitude and concern to their stakeholders in the business organizations. Facility of long duration placement training through ‘ASTHA’ academy, facilitating 100% placement in reputed companies. In addition to curriculum inputs, the institute gives many extra credit hours of reaching in various subjects like Indian Ethos for modern management, management in multinationals, self-enterprise management and change management.