A J Institute of Management

Clubs & Associations

There are 23 distinct committees in the institution, each with clearly defined roles in providing Academic and Administrative guidance to the students for their professional developments. These committees are chaired by faculty members, and at the commencement of each academic year, they appoint a student representative from both the first-year and second-year classes to join their respective committees.

Club/ Association Name
Objectives of each Club/ Association
IQAC Co-ordinator
  • To channelize efforts towards continuous improvement of academic and administrative activities in the institution.
  • To collect, analyse, and use feedback from various stakeholders to improve institutional processes.
  • To facilitate the preparation and submission of institutional accreditation- related documents and support the institution during the accreditation process.
Student Council Advisor
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to the students to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.
  • To Prepare Calendar of Events of the institute and allotting responsibilities of various club and associations to faculty students.
  • To collaborate with the student council in planning and organizing various events at Institute.
Management forum
  • To provide members with opportunities to expand their knowledge of management principles, strategies, and practices through seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and discussions.
  • To help members develop essential management and leadership skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and time management.
  • To create a platform for members to connect with like-minded individuals, including students, faculty, and professionals, fostering a supportive and collaborative community.
Cultural Club
  • To celebrate various cultural and traditional festivals, providing an opportunity for students to learn about and participate in different cultural practices.
  • To organize cultural day and week, allowing students to showcase their skills in arts, music, dance, drama, poetry, and other creative forms. •
  • To create an inclusive environment where students from different cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and valued
Committee for Sports and Games
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop and enhance their skills in various sports and games.
  • To work towards improving sports facilities on campus, ensuring that students have access to proper equipment and playing fields.
HR Club
  • To organize workshops, seminars, and training sessions on HR-related topics, helping students acquire valuable knowledge and skills.
  • To provide career guidance and counselling to club students, helping them understand various HR career paths and the skills needed to succeed in the field.
Finance Club
  • To keep students informed about the latest financial news, market trends, and economic developments.
  • To organize workshops and seminars on various finance-related topics
Marketing Forum
  • To provides opportunities for students to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills.
  • To develop networking opportunities among students and with industry professionals.
  • To organise various marketing events at institute to development of marketing skills
SC/ST Welfare Cell
  • To provides a sense of belonging and community for SC/ST students.
  • To offer academic assistance and mentoring programs to help SC/ST students succeed in their studies.
Human Rights Cell
  • To educate students and the wider community about human rights, their importance, and the relevance of human rights issues in contemporary society.
  • To organize expert lecture sessions to equip students with the necessary skills to promote and protect human rights effectively.
Anti-Ragging Cell
  • To prevent and eliminate ragging incidents within the institution.
  • To conducts workshops, seminars, and orientation sessions to educate students about the harmful effects of ragging on victims and perpetrators.
Anti-Harassment Women Cell
  • To raise awareness about different forms of harassment that women may encounter.
  • To promoting a culture of respect and gender equality.
Community Development Cell/Extension Activities
  • To connect students with the surrounding community, addressing its needs and challenges.
  • To promotes a spirit of volunteerism and encourages students to participate in social service initiatives
Entrepreneurship Cell
  • To inspire students to think creatively and embrace entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
  • To organizes workshops, seminars, and training sessions to develop entrepreneurial skills such as business planning, marketing, financial management, pitching, and negotiation.
Wall Magazine Committee
  • To provides a space for students to express their creativity through various forms of art, poetry, photography, and writing.
  • To inspire and motivate students by featuring success stories, quotes, and personal achievements of students and notable personalities.
In-house Magazine Committee (AJIM Expressions)
  • Encourage students to express themselves through various forms of creative writing, photography, art, and design. Provide a platform for them to showcase their talents and ideas.
  • Provide opportunities for students to improve their writing and editing skills through regular contributions and editorial responsibilities.
Alumni Association
  • Keep alumni engaged with their alma mater by promoting participation in events, activities, and campus initiatives.
  • Encourage continuous learning by providing access to educational resources, workshops, seminars, and online courses.
  • Facilitate connections between current students and alumni, providing opportunities for mentorship, internships, and career guidance.
Parent Teacher –Association
  • Promote the overall well-being of students by supporting programs and initiatives that contribute to their physical, emotional, and academic growth.
  • Encourage open and effective communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators to create a cohesive educational community.
  • Work collaboratively with educators to enhance the quality of education and academic achievement for all students.
Placement & Career Guidance Cell
  • Aims to enhance the employability of students by providing them with the necessary skills, training, and guidance required to succeed in the job market.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with various industries and companies
  • Facilitating internships and summer training programs at Institute
ICT Club/Photography Cell
  • Capturing and documenting important events, activities, and milestones within the organization or institution.
  • Maintaining a well-organized archive of photographs and visual materials for historical and reference purposes.
  • To Managing photography equipment, including cameras and lenses
Eco Club / Vermi Technology Cell
  • Raise awareness and knowledge about environmental issues, climate change, and ecological sustainability among club members and the broader community.
  • Promote the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems through awareness campaigns and action plans
Hospital Administration Club
  • Facilitate networking opportunities among club members, healthcare professionals, and administrators to create valuable connections within the healthcare industry.
  • Assist students in career planning and development by offering guidance on job opportunities, internships, and mentorship programs in the field of hospital administration.
Logistics Club
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information related to logistics, supply chain management, and transportation among club students
  • Create opportunities for members to network with professionals and experts in the logistics and supply chain industry, potentially leading to internships and job opportunities.