A J Institute of Management

Perspective Plan

A J Institute of Management, always believed that education is the catalyst for personal and societal transformation. It is the crucible where dreams are forged into realities, where individuals are shaped into visionary leaders, and where ideas are nurtured into groundbreaking innovations. Our rich heritage, built upon the pillars of academic excellence and ethical values, has brought us to this moment — a moment of reflection, vision, and strategic planning.

This perspective plan is not just a document; it is our compass, guiding us through the uncharted waters of the future. It encapsulates our aspirations, our goals, and our commitment to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape of education. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing our students with an education that is not only relevant but also transformative. Our perspective plan serves as a dynamic blueprint, outlining the strategies and initiatives that will position us as pioneers in management education, ensuring that we produce graduates who are not only proficient but also poised to lead in the fast-paced, competitive world.

We invite all members of our academic community – our visionary faculty, dedicated staff, enthusiastic students, proud alumni, and valued partners – to embark on this journey with us. Together, we will shape the future of A J Institute of Management, and in doing so, we will shape the future of countless lives touched by our institution.

Finally,joumey ahead is exciting, and we invite you to join us as wc set sail into a future filled with promise, potential, and purpose. Together, we will navigate excellence into the future.

With this backdrop, a Five Year Perspective plan is proposed to give a direction to our journey for the next Five years.

Institution Perspective Plan Cover Following Area:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Research and Development
  3. Student’s Development and Participation
  4. Computer Lab and Library and Upgrading
  5. Industry Interaction / Collaboration for Placement Activities
  6. Alumni Interaction
  7. Infrastructure and Maintenance
  8. Accreditation & Ranking etc.


perspective Plan of the Institute 2018-2023:

Target Area
Teaching and Learning
1. Intake Enhancement from 120 to 180
2. Introducing quality enhancement initiatives through Teaching Learning Plan (TLP)
3. Introduction of more market Relevant and futuristic skill based Add on courses like Excel, SAP etc.
4 .Use of more teaching aids and adopt more ICT
5. Effective E- resources Management in Teaching
6. Follow a transparent and fair feedback system
Research and Development
1. Recognition Of the institute as research centre to pursue Ph.D. programme in management under Mangalore University.
2. Encouraging the members of faculty to pursue Ph.D Programmes, attend Faculty Development Programme in research and publish quality research articles.
3.Encourage the students and faculty to involve in field survey activities.
4. Infrastructure augmentation in research centre
5.Listing Institute Journal — “Anveshana” in UGC index.
6.Installation of new software and tools for quality enhancement in research work conducted by faculty and students
7.Developing suitable of research policy at the institute
Student’s Development and Participation
1. Budget enhancement for student centric programmes.
2. Introduction of new programmes for student development and participation.
3. Involvement of students in sensitizing students towards Community based social Survey
4. Encouraging the students to participate in fest and programmes organized by other Institutions.
5. Focusing more on skill-based activities and programmes
6. Involvement of Students in clubs and associations of the Institute
Library, ICT and Computer Lab
1. Replacing New Systems and Devices in The Computer Lab
2. Adding More E-Books and Journals.
3. Strengthening Library Management Software.
Infrastructure and Maintenance
1. Installation or CCTV surveillance in the campus for the safety and security of the staff.
2. Updating of ICT tools and Air Conditioners in the classroom and conference hall.
3. Up-gradation of furniture in the campus.
4. Installing lift facility in the institute building.
5. Expansion and renovation of the canteen.
6. Installing Audio Systems for classroom and maintenance of existing audio systems
7. Rain water harvesting and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the campus.
8. Enhancement of Internet speed and WIFI connectivity.
9. Installation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Alumni Interaction and Engagement
1. Registering Alumni Association of the institute
2. Involving more alumni in the conduct of expert lecture, workshops, programmes and events at the institute
3. Data base creation, Regular interactions with alumni and networking.
Industry Interaction Collaboration and Placement Activities
1. Signing of MOUs with the industry for the Add on certificate programmes, internship etc
2. Inviting industry professionals as guests and resource persons for expert lecture/ seminar, national conferences, management fests, annual day celebration and other events.
3. Nominating more industry professionals in the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institute
4.Involving industry for skill development training and certification programme.
5. Strengthening the placement Cell and training department of the institute.
6. Building strong network with the industry and alumni members for knowledge sharing, internships and placements.
Accreditation and Ranking
1. Apply for NBA Accreditation
2. Applying for Autonomous Status
3. Applying for NIRF Ranking

Action Taken Reports (ATR)